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Nationwide Services

• Chronic Care Management (CCM)
• Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)
• Electronic Health Assessments (EHA)
• Medication Therapy Management (MTM, under development)

More Services

• 24 hour, 7 days a week nurse helpline.
• Outgoing contact to patients monthly
• Review of charts
      • Review for tests/labs available according to medical
      • Change in medication, lab results, etc.

      • Contact patient view telephone
      • Review of call in our software. (You have access and compete transparency)
      • Annual care plan completed with monthly updates. (May be uploaded to providers EMR)
      • Educational material sent to patients as needed
      • Contact providers office to coordinate care
      • Appointments needed
      • Labs or test available
      • Medication compliance or other issues

• We keep your patients with an assigned nurse to build relationships and continuity of care

Chronic Care Management

We provide a turn-key, transparent service for your office. We understand you are busy. In fact, we developed this program in March of 2015 in one of our own practices. We understand your business and we want to support you and your patients in this process.

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